2020 Mini-Paintings
Silent Auction & Art Lecture
Feb.17 @ Pioneer Inn

Every year the Mini Silent Auction is a Big Success. There will be 24 original paintings that are framed 8″x8″ or smaller for sale.  This is an opportunity to own an original painting at a lower price point than the average size paintings sold at the other 6 art sales during the Maui Plein Air Painting Invitational. Artists place a retail value on the painting, and the opening bid is 1/2 of retail or $450 whichever is higher.  There is a Buy It Now price which is 125% of retail value.

The Mini Silent Auction is in the Snug Harbor room at the Pioneer Inn in Lahaina.  The Mini Silent Auction opens at 6 pm with an hour to view, bid, and rebid on your favorite painting/(s). Final bidding is 8-8:30 pm. Because most, if not all the paintings sell,  please be patient during the check-out time period.  If purchasing a painting/(s) at the Buy it Now price, you may ask a volunteer to assist with check-out at any time. View  2020 Mini-Paintings.

Jean Stern, Sr. Curator, University of California, Irvine, Museum and Institute of California Art is back for his 15th year of providing our community with an educational art lecture.  This year he will be sharing stories about ‘famous forgers’.  According to Wikipedia there are essentially three varieties of art forger. The person who actually creates the fraudulent piece, the person who discovers a piece and attempts to pass it off as something it is not, in order to increase the piece’s value, and the third who discovers that a work is a fake, but sells it as an original anyway.

Join the group, of standing room only guests, as they listen to Jean spin the stories of this more-common-than we would like to think ‘unsavory’ behavior in the art industry.  You won’t want to miss this lecture.  Time 7-8 pm in the Pioneer Inn Courtyard.