Historic Hawaiian Artworks
Lecture by Jean Stern

Whether you want to take a trip down memory lane or learn about master painters, mostly European, who came to Hawaii to paint, you will enjoy listening to Jean Stern’s lecture, ‘Historical Hawaiian Artists.’ You will view some of the most acclaimed masterpieces created by TavernierDampierHitchcockPeale, and Manookian. (Please scroll down to watch the video of this lecture.)

These men were not of Hawaiian decent but were commissioned by wealthy European ship owners and companies in the early 1700’s to the 1900’s to create artworks of the amazingly beautiful land and people of Hawaii as a way to document history. Paintings of Kilauea at night, Kamehameha III, Halemaumau, to art deco paintings commissioned by owners of Hana Ranch on Maui and the vibrant 4’x8′ mural paintings that were commissioned by Matson Navigation Company are among some of the most inspiring and significant paintings of their time. Those of us longing to see inspirational images from ‘times long gone’ will be moved to deep thought and/or study.

The video was taken at the 2016 Maui Plein Air Painting Invitational at the annual lecture in the Historical Pioneer Inn’s courtyard in Lahaina. Our videographer was on site to tape the silent auction and interview sponsors and art collectors. While not planned to tape the lecture, it was an opportunity to capture this informational talk about great Hawaiian artworks that were painted by some of the most acclaimed painters from the early 1700s to 1940’s. The lecture is about 30 minutes long, so relax, sip your favorite beverage (as we do during the lecture), and let us know which painting is your favorite.

Jean Stern, Senior Curator of California Impressionism, University of California, Irvine – Institute and Museum of California Art has given a lecture for our community the last 14 years.  He will join us Feb. 17, 2020. Plan your trip now and come enjoy the 9-day art event which includes his lecture. If you have not attended the Maui Plein Air Painting Invitational, please visit our ‘event’ mauiartsleague.org to familiarize yourself with the various activities throughout the week.