2017 Award Winners

Best In Show Award: Leon Holmes

The 2017 Maui Plein Air Painting Invitational Best in Show Award was presented to Leon Holmes for his painting, “Heading East.” Scroll down to see images of all the award winning paintings.

The 2017 MPAPI event was fun for those interested in viewing and purchasing original paintings. Three paint outs, six art sales, and many opportunities for mingling with the artists made for a week-long schedule full of something for everyone. Five Hawaii artists, 13 returning artists from previous years, and 8 new artists to the event kept the art exhibits throughout the week ‘new and fresh.’ The week culminated with the award announcements, the Art to Heart Gala & Art Sale sponsored by the Royal Lahaina Resort, and the Artists’ Aloha Reception sponsored by One Main Plaza (Lynn & Jim Foster & John Saunders – owners). Seventeen awards were given out at the gala.

The Best in Show (BIS) award winner, Leon Holmes, received a $1000 cash award from Maui Arts League. In addition, the BIS winner receives a full page ad in Southwest Art magazine and a book by Jean Stern. Please see all of our sponsors and links to their websites here on our website.

Michael Clements received the Irvine Museum Award along with $500 gift certificate from Gamblin art supplies. Randall Sexton, Jim McVicker, and Carleton received the Irvine Museum Honorable Mentions.

The Artists’ Choice and Montage Kapalua Awards went to John Poon. The Collectors’ Choice and Royal Lahaina Resort Awards went to Carl Bretzke. A full listing of award winners is printed below.

Congratulations to the award winners and to all the artists for their inspiring entries. Our continued thanks to the judge, Jean Stern, Executive Director, of the Irvine Museum Collection University of California – Irvine, who has been with us for 13 years.

2017 Maui Plein Air Artist Awards:

Please visit the Participating Artists page on our website for links to all the invited painters for this year’s event.

Best in Show – Leon Holmes
The Irvine Museum Award – Michael Clements
Honorable Mentions – Randall Sexton, Jim McVicker, and Carleton
Artists’ Choice – John Poon
Collectors’ Choice – Carl Bretzke
Royal Lahaina Resort – Carl Bretzke
Honor Hawaii, Honor Maui Award – – James McGrew
Pioneer Inn Award – Greg LaRock
One Main Plaza Award – Michael Clements
Montage Kapalua Bay Award – John Poon
Makana Aloha Foundation Award – Rick Delanty
Kaʻanapali Land Management Corp. Award – Jason Sacran
Mala, Honu, Frida’s Restaurant Quick Draw Award – Carl Bretzke
Mary Anne Fitch & Nam Le Viet Award – Carl Bretzke
Revelite Award – Debra Huse

Scroll down to see full size images of each of these award-winning paintings.

painting by Carl Bretzke, Lahaina Harbor After Dark

Carl Bretzke, Lahaina Harbor After Dark 12×16

painting by Carleton, View of Lanai

Carleton, View of Lanai 16×20

painting by Debra Huse, Favorite Hangouts

Debra Huse, Favorite Hangouts14x18

painting by Greg LaRock, Red Dirt Rules

Greg LaRock, Red Dirt Rules 16×20

painting by James McGrew, Ahinahina (Silversword) Sunset on Haleakala

James McGrew, Ahinahina (Silversword) Sunset on Haleakala 18×24

painting by Jason Sacran, Pineapple Rain

Jason Sacran, Pineapple Rain – Kaanapali 18×24

painting by Jim McVicker, Front and Dickenson, Lahaina

Jim McVicker, Front and Dickenson, Lahaina 12×16

painting by John Poon, Coastal Overlook

John Poon, Coastal Overlook 12×16

painting by John- Poon, Lahaina Moorings

John- Poon, Lahaina Moorings 16×20

painting by Leon- Holmes, Heading East

Leon- Holmes, Heading East 12×16

painting by Michael Clements, View of West Maui from Thompson Road

Michael Clements, View of West Maui from Thompson Road 16×20

painting by Randall Sexton, Maui Light

Randall Sexton, Maui Light 16×20

painting by Rick Delanty, Convergence, Honolua

Rick Delanty, Convergence, Honolua 12×16