MPAPI is Happening On Maui!

That is not a typo in the title! It is a specially intended thank you from the art-loving publishers of OnMaui! Magazine. They generously featured us in a two page spread in the January, 2015 issue. This bi-monthly publication is the gold standard of all the arts and culture happening in Maui County and is itself a beautifully crafted publication.

It is a full color magazine printed on glossy paper and available for free all around Maui. Please grab your copy and look for our article on pages 14-16, Plein Air Maui Completes a Decade. We must admit it feels awfully good to be included in the company of Monet and Renoir in the very first sentence!

In this thoroughly researched piece, you will learn about how our event takes place behind the scenes and what it takes to present it each year. Certainly the artists who create and produce OnMaui! magazine understand as well as anyone all of the ingredients that must come together to create a magical experience, year after year. Their interview with Maui plein air painter, George Allan, really conveys the agony and the ecstasy of plein air painting, while connecting it to the general public who get to observe many of the weeklong events.

George Allan knows plein air well. He works outdoors and he teaches outdoors, and he can teach while he paints—a unique skill shared by many of the other invited competitors

Thank you so much OnMaui! for presenting our event in such a beautiful light!