2018 Art Lecture with Jean Stern – Video

Artists of Influence: Painters Who Shaped the History of Art

Lecture by Jean Stern of the Irvine Museum.

THIS LECTURE WAS GIVEN IN FEBRUARY 2018…..due to requests from people not able to attend, we are reposting this video on our website.  Others may just want to review the lecture again.  It is an informational hour long presentation packed with educational tips about creating and collecting art.

Join us in the journey to learn about Fine Art!

Art can be very subjective.  When one views art, they usually like the image or they don’t.  It takes years for an artist to perfect his/her talents, and it takes a collector years to perfect their skill of evaluating what makes a great painting and what doesn’t.  Each year Jean Stern, Associate Director University of California Irvine Museum and Institute of California Art, has graciously shared his understanding of fine art with our Maui Plein Air Painting Invitational attendees.  The lectures are held in the historic Pioneer Inn courtyard and are very popular with standing room only.

Over the last 13 years, the subject matter changes slightly. His focus is to help those of us that want to take the time to learn about fine art, to come listen.  Learn about artists that have produced significant artworks in the past and how we can use this knowledge as we bring art into our lives.  In 2018 his lecture, ‘Artists of Influence: Painters Who Shaped the History of Art’ included information about famous artists’ approaches to their paintings while sprinkling his humor to keep our interest.  You never go home disappointed.

For those of you that were not in attendance or if you were and would like to view again, you can do so at your leisure.  You will learn about:

Learning these famous artists’ styles and techniques will allow other artists, regardless of their skill level, to learn approaches to painting that they can implement in their own artworks.  If you are a collector, it helps you to understand the quality and depth of the painting you are viewing.  Regardless of the techniques, the artist is ‘reaching out to the viewer’ to share his/her vision of what they hoped to convey.  It is this unspoken or unwritten ‘conversation’ between the art image and the human mind that has the impact on one’s heart.

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