2018 Art Enthusiasts’ Panel Discussion VIDEO

Listen to Art Enthusiasts share how art has touched their lives.

A very engaging panel discussion with four art enthusiasts. These are people that either work in the art industry, in a public education system, uses art as a tool for healing in a clinical theraputic profession, or is an art collector. The discussion panel was held on Feb. 25, 2018. This was the first year to add this ‘educational’ component to the 9-day Invitational program. It was interesting to learn how art affects so many of us in a variety of different fields. If you enjoy being around art, but don’t feel your personal talents warrant being an artist, it is worthwhile to explore other avenues that will allow you to bring art into your life.

This year’s panelists were:

  • Patricia White, a licensed psychologist (Lahaina, Maui) who has included art therapy as a tool in her counseling profession.  Art Therapy is Karen Pence’s (2nd Lady of the U.S. of America) Healing with the HeART initiative.  Click here to learn more about this initiative.
  • Jean Stern, Associate Director University California Museum and Institute of California Art (Irvine, California) is art historian that grew up in a family where art was the integral part of their everyday lives.  He has worked in the art industry as a museum curator, an art educator, an art judge for numerous plein air and salon art events, and a renown speaker on the subject of Califorina Impressionists and art history.
  • Rae Takemoto, Art Integration Curriculum advocate responsible for implementing the Kennedy Center Arts Integration Program at the only public school in Hawaii – Pomakai (Wailuku, Maui)
  • John Inskeeps (Portland, Oregon and Wailea, Maui) retired partner at Columbia Management Company who along with his wife, spends much of his time exploring art at galleries, museums, and art events.

These individuals’ backgrounds illustrate how art can be an integral part of one’s life. This educational program will continue to be offered as a part of the Maui Plein Air Painting Invitational.  Enjoy the video.