2018 Artists’ Panel Discussion VIDEO

Listen to the Artists’ Perspective

A very engaging panel discussion with four of the 2018 MPAPI plein air artists was held on Feb. 24, 2018. This was the first year to add this ‘educational’ component to the 9-day Invitational program. It was very interesting to learn each artist’s journey to becoming a professional plein air artist. In addition to the many event guests, most of the Invitational artists not on the panel stayed to learn the stories of their peers.

This year’s panelists were:

  • Ronaldo Macedo (Lahaina, Maui)
  • Mary Pettis (Taylor Falls, Minnesota)
  • Patrick Saunders (St. Louis, Missouri)
  • Leon Holmes (Dudley Park, Australia)
  • The panel discussion was led by Kim von Tempsky, retired VP Lahaina Galleries. After the artists shared their stories there was a Q&A session with the audience. This is a definite addition to future MPAPI schedules.

Enjoy reviewing the video.