Mark Fehlman

“I love to paint from the life that surrounds me. I paint in an impressionistic style, marked by energetic brushwork, and use thick and thin layers of paint, patterns of light and dark, and a rich palette of colors to capture the moment.

For 30 years, I practiced as a successful Architect; half of those years were as a design partner with Fehlman LaBarre Architects. Thanks to my business partner, Mike LaBarre, I was able to leave architecture and pursue my passion, in a second career, as a fine artist.

My artistic career started in my youth, as a well known fiber artist. Throughout high school and into college, I had successful shows in Laguna Beach, Los Angeles and San Francisco. Then architecture took over. When I began to pursue painting, I sought out the best teachers. Each has been a tremendous inspiration to me. They include Lela Harty, John Asaro, Ray Roberts, Brian Blood, Ron Hicks, Mark Daley, Kim English, and Jeff Watts.

I have been painting for about 15 years, and have made it my career for over 10 years. I paint full time in my studio at my home in the Mission Hills District of San Diego, and travel extensively to capture images throughout the world.”