“Gone Fishin” by Debra Huse


Debra Huse, an avid plein air artist, creates her artworks with colorful and impactful paints.  You cannot walk by one of her paintings without feeling compelled to stop and view. Debra began formal painting when she was just ten years old, stretching her own canvases and painting, at first, in acrylic. At age 11, she was awarded a scholarship and attended college courses at John Herron School of Art in Indianapolis. Currently living in Southern California, Debra grew up in Indiana. She travels extensively to paint en plein air. “Her paintings are direct and honest views of what is all around her” – Mr. Jean Stern, Art Historian, Author and Lecturer.  She created “Gone Fishin” while participating in a Maui Plein Air Painting Invitational.

  • Debra Huse’s website
  • Oil on Canvas
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  • Size 23.5″ H x 15.5″ W ~ Framed
  • Excellent Condition
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